This project was inspired by the book Dear Data. It recorded a year-long process of two information designers, Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, who documented and shared their lives via postcards of data drawing.


They live on different sides of the Atlantic, just like Helene Hanff and Frank Doel in 84, Charing Cross Road. Although the overseas mail has slowed down the speed of communication, it deepened their friendship and connection more than just through virtual social media.


My pan-pel and I were obsessed with this creative idea. So we selected one subject every week such as outfits, music, group pressure and we have lasted for ten weeks. The experience was quite interesting and we conceived Dear Data as “personal visual diary”. It turned out that visualized data helped us get to know each other better. Most importantly, to know ourselves through neglected details in life.




作品的灵感来源于《亲爱的数据》这本书。它记录了两位视觉设计师 Giorgia Lupi 和 Stefanie Posavec 用手绘数据记录日常行为,在整整52周里,用邮寄明信片的方式交换彼此的百态生活。








The Subject of Each Week



Week 1: Social Media            社交媒体

Week 2: Food                 食物

Week 3: Desire               欲望

Week 4: Inspiration From Music     来自音乐的灵感

Week 5: Being Alone     独处

Week 6: Outfits              穿搭

Week 7: Group Pressure      群体压力

Week 8: Weather          天气

Week 9: Learning Time       学习时间

Week 10: Sleeping Position and Lullaby    睡姿和安眠曲