‘Live at the Barracks’ is one of the well-known projects for Maker MemoriesMaker Memories is a volunteer-led community aimed to capture the diverse heritage of Maker Camp. It includes several programs to show the original history and current artistic activities.


Within an interview and a live performance, this project is designed to display local musician’s works and represent a sense of belonging for those people who have played at the venue or had studios at the camp.


In this project, I participated in each process including preliminary planning, filming, editing, and online publicity. I communicated with my main collaborators every week to keep everything on schedule. The final results of this project are more of a success than I ever expected. A lot of people shared the video link spontaneously and the number of the view times still growing!




“军营现场”每刻记忆 较为知名的项目之一。每刻记忆是志愿组成的团体,通过建立口述史档案和举办并宣传当地活动,旨在记录Maker当地的文化遗产与传统。








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 Music Documentary



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