This project was inspired by Six Moments Musicaux, which was composed by Franz Schubert in 1827. It is said that most of the melodies in these six piano pieces were from his previous improvisation. Schubert recorded the flashing moment by composing a piece of music. How about capturing the visual image when I listening to a melody, and endowing this moment with unique meanings? That’s the idea for this project.


Some of the photos below were occasionally snapped. Others were specially designed on the basis of musical images. Hope you could discover the meaning behind each photo, and join me to record your Moments Musicaux!


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作品的灵感来源于弗朗茨·舒伯特 在1827年写下的《音乐瞬间》。据说这六首钢琴小品的大部分旋律都由他即兴创作而成。舒伯特用音乐记录下稍纵即逝的瞬间,当我们聆听乐曲并记录下那一瞬的场景与心境,又会是怎样的呢?这就是这些作品的创作理念。









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